Abraham and Sayuri Kist-Okazaki are ordained RCA pastors who work in evangelistic training for congregations of the United Church of Christ in Japan.

Abraham and Sayuri work as associate pastors at Kugahara Church in Tokyo, in the area of local mission. They are also called by many churches and regional gatherings throughout Japan to evangelize and provide training so these churches and groups can more effectively reach out to non-Christians, who make up 99 percent of Japan’s population.

Abraham writes music and creates animations out of Scripture verses to reach out to younger generations and make the Bible familiar to them. Sayuri works with the National Church Women’s Guild as one of the executive members, empowering women who serve churches faithfully.

Sayuri is of Japanese origin and a graduate of both Western Theological Seminary and New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Abraham, who is from Wisconsin, is a graduate of Hope College and Western Theological Seminary. They have two children: a son, Akio, and a daughter, Haruka.