The church in Cambodia, nearly wiped out by the Khmer Rouge (only three Christian pastors within the country are reported to have survived Pol Pot’s reign of terror), is growing again and in need of nurturing and leadership. The goal is to rebuild the church and bring the gospel to all Cambodia.

Mark Wilson works with Cambodian church leaders to design and implement a curriculum that will help pastors, lay leaders, and students understand and carry out missional ministry. Deb Wilson is studying the Cambodian language and uses her gifts and experience to strengthen the church leaders in Cambodia. The Wilsons work in partnership with Phnom Penh Bible School, an in-residence program that trains leaders for the Cambodian church; the Theological Education by Extension Association Cambodia, a training program for pastors and church leaders that meets them where they live; and Food for the Hungry, a Christian relief and development organization that serves in 26 countries. Mark serves in partnership with Food for the Hungry, Phnom Penh Bible School, and the Theological Education by Extension Association Cambodia.